Sports and fitness is one area where fashion and style is becoming huge.
Gone are the days where people rock up to the gym in their old shorts and t-shirt, I swear people walk into my gym like it’s a catwalk.

I’m not ashamed to admit I spend a little bit too long in the changing room looking in the mirror before I get on the treadmill, I now say “just because you’re going to get sweaty, doesn’t mean you have to look bad doing it”.

Because of this change in the way we dress for fitness all the big brands are jumping on the sportswear bandwagon!

One person who knows this more than anyone is my close personal friend and recently married Mrs Charlotte Taylor-Green, she has been extremely busy Representing Bristol & West and most importantly England in many track eventseven though she is busy managing life on and off the track, she always manages to look phenomenal.

Sports Bra & Tights: Sweaty Betty, Photo by: Donna Bojczuk

With her alternative look and amazing ink, she always rocks up to her races looking on point and never fails to get noticed. Quite often she will be mentioned in magazines and sports columns as ‘that stylish girl with the Tattoos’.
 Charlotte is a great example of how fashion and fitness can work perfectly together.

Sports Bra: Sweaty Betty Photo by: Donna Bojczuk
Sports Bra: Sweaty Betty, Photo by: Donna Bojczuk

I spoke to Charlotte about her style and asked if she has ever felt the need to tone down her appearance when running in major competitions, or if anyone had ever asked her to? She said “actually the reaction has been quite the opposite, since taking my career in running more seriously I have actually felt I can be more myself than ever before, people seem to really react to my style. I hear them cheer me on from the crowds, shouting ‘come on tattoo girl’”.

She has been able to combine her love for fashion and running and make it work in her favor, always ensuring she stands out from the crowd with her brightly coloured kit and endless additions to her body art. She is able to use her style and appearance on the track as a way of expressing herself.

Sports Bra & Tights: Sweaty Betty Photo by: Donna Bojczuk
Sports Bra & Tights: Sweaty Betty, Photo by: Donna Bojczuk

Hopefully we will be seeing much more of Charlotte in the near future, keep an eye out and follow her on her Instagram @Tattooedathlete to keep up to date with her impressive career.

Crop Top: Saucony & Tights: Sweaty Betty, Photo by: Donna Bojczuk


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