I always aspire to write blogs that my audience want to read, so I thought the best way was to ask my followers for some suggestions (thank you for all your responses).

Out of all the feedback, one suggestion stood out and it’s actually something I’ve experienced and struggled with myself! ‘What to wear for a formal occasion’.

I understand and know for some people wearing a dress is not an option. Hopefully I will be able to provide you with some ideas and inspirations of what you can wear.

Firstly I should give credit to all the people on my feature image above, they have all inspired me and many others with their amazing dapper looks.
From top left to bottom right.
Evan Rachel Wood, who stood out in her tux at the Golden Globe Awards, Elliott Sailors the androgynous model who started out modelling female clothing and moved to modelling male clothing, Erika Linder Swedish model and actress known as an androgynous model for modeling both male and female clothing, Donna Bojczuk as it’s my blog I thought I should show my own dapper look, Charlie Moss creator and owner of the brand Refuse to Conform Clothing,
Lyn Slater fashion blogger and creator of fashion blog Accidental Icon, Sara Geffard Fashion Blogger and creator of fashion blog A Dapper Chick and finally someone who really pulls off the smart formal look perfectly is blogger/fashion icon and designer Brittenelle Fredericks.


If you are struggling for inspiration I suggest following all of these amazingly stylish people on Instagram now, all of their pages are linked above.

Ok it’s a formal occasion so unfortunately that means no jeans! You should be looking for a nicely cut pair of trousers/pants. I suggest a slimmer fit or straight leg as this is a smart and flattering look.

The shirt should go with the trousers/pants in colour, I personally prefer a monochrome look or the one colour palette look e.g. dark blue suit pale blue shirt, shown perfectly here by Charlie Moss.


Again the fit should be slim and fitted if you can, I understand this is all dependent on your body shape but a fitted shirt in any size will look smart.

Now to tuck or not to tuck… that is the question, no I’m not stealing a quote from Rupaul’s Drag Race, I am talking about tucking the shirt in. I believe it looks so much smarter tucked and it’s the perfect excuse to wear a nice belt.

We are now onto the blazer/suit jacket and wearing one is completely up to you, I think it finishes the look off perfectly and if you are going for the formal look you might as well go the whole way but this isn’t a necessity and also if it’s hot you might not want to wear an extra layer. But if you do wear a jacket then obviously you want to match the colour to the trousers/pants and the fit should be the same, so if you have gone for a slim fitted pant then you should go for a slim fit (preferably matching) jacket.

Finally you need shoes, remember think smart and colour match! So if you have a black suit then you should go for a black shoe, if you have a blue or grey suit then a nice brown leather shoe looks great. The style of the shoe again is up to you but a nice Brogue, Wingtip, Oxford or even a stylish Monk shoe buckle can look so smart.
Some examples shown below.

Accessories: The saying “less is more” is very appropriate when it comes to formal wear but there are a couple of things that can make an outfit and that is a smart watch, belt, cufflinks, a nice collar chain/pin or tips and if you are wearing a jacket maybe a pocket square or handkerchief, shown perfectly below by Danielle A Cooper fashion blogger and owner of fashion blog She’s A Gent .


I hope you found this blog useful and you take inspiration from all the amazing people mentioned. Please feel free to leave your feedback or contact me directly on my Instagram page Tomboy_TheDon

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